Cricova / Nomen Est Omen

"Nomen Est Omen" - "The name says it all"

"Nomen Est Omen" - "The name says it all".

This is the motto of Cricova - greatest and national winery of Moldova, who produces over 50% of all Moldavian wine.

Each year Cricova exports millions of bottles of wine to different countries, mainly to CIS.

But, now due to new staff ambitions Cricova started to export much more goods and opened new biz directions - to Europe and Far East.

This fact is very joyful as new development level of Cricova connects to biz cooperation wz our holding GTI.

Full cargo transportation from Cricova (nearby Kishinev) to POD at Far East became possible due to smooth cooperation between GTI holding companies - Via Multima (Moldova S.R.L.) - Formag Ltd (marketing dept. and trucking dept.) - Via Multima Odessa (as agent of OOCL).

Great thanks to all engaged staff for smooth cooperation and handling!

Some photos are h/w attached.



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